Institutional Investor's All-America Management Team Award - Placed in top three for two consecutive years

2019 - Named #2 Best Investor Relations in Technology, Media and Telecom Mid-Small Cap as voted by the global buyside and sellside

2020 - Named #3 Best Investor Relations in Technology, Media and Telecom Mid-Small Cap as voted by the global buyside

Experience. Intuition. Trust. Strategic Transformative Investor Relations

Many public companies are unknown or misunderstood in the capital markets and are therefore undervalued. At High Touch, we act as your guide in achieving your company’s fair value through our proprietary 5‐Step Transformative IR Plan™. Through this process, our clients have significantly grown their relative valuation in the 18‐24 months following engagement with us.

With over 20 years of experience, we can offer the knowledge, skills, as well as a high level of credibility on the Street with significant long‐term relationships with investors, analysts and banks to assist companies to position their company and investor story to optimize enterprise value.

“Laura has a strong financial background and knowledge of compliance regulations that she combines very successfully in building and maintaining positive relationships with the investor community. Laura is a wonderful colleague with admirable integrity and values that are sorely needed in the world of finance.”

Robert Scott

Chief Financial Officer at Harry Winston, Inc.

“It has been a pleasure working with Laura through Citigroup's coverage of Harry Winston. Laura is a dedicated and reliable professional with strong industry knowledge. Her accessibility, responsiveness and rapport with analysts and investors were highly valuable.”

Thomas Chauvet

Senior Equity Research Analyst at Citigroup

“Laura is a truly dedicated professional. What impresses me the most is her valuable mentality beyond the boundary amongst departments, a true asset in any organization. She is also a great team player with a true openness to share her ideas and resources, as long as they help bring value to the company.”

Tess Zhao

Manager, Business Development at Harry Winston

“Laura is analytical, efficient, and responsive. She is also a solid strategic thinker that knows how to communicate investment positives in a professional manner. She has experience working with complex multifaceted businesses and I am confident that this will serve her well in the long-term. Finally, she is a great brand ambassador and it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Oliver Chen

CFA, Citigroup Retailing/Specialty Stores Softlines & Luxury Research Analyst

“Laura has an incredible work ethic. She worked tirelessly to understand and translate highly technical information for a broad audience, ranging from financial sophisticates to some who were not financially sophisticated. She is careful, diligent and ensures that her work product is accurate. She thinks out of the box to bring new ideas on how to best communicate complicated information."

Chandy Smith

Senior Technical Advisor, Financial Accounting Foundation and FASB

"Laura is creative, resourceful, and persistent. She did an outstanding job of helping The Global Leaders with communications, media relations, and support. She saw the opportunity to leverage her skills in investor relations, and her contacts in media and on Wall Street to enable The Global Leaders to ring the opening bell of the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York City. She followed with professional communication support. She is a self-starter and go getter whom I recommend strongly."

George Bickerstaff

Chairman, GWB Capital LLC and former Chief Financial Officer, Novartis Pharma A.G.

"Laura is very well connected to the IR community and did a great job of helping communicate the Playtex story to investors. She was instrumental in adding value to the Playtex enterprise prior to it being acquired."

Gary Cohen

Sr. Vice President Marketing & Executive Committee Member, Playtex Products, Inc.

“Laura did an excellent job at Playtex Products where she was the head of Investor & Public Relations and I was a Director and Chairman of the Board. I valued her advice ...and she displayed true professionalism."

Doug Wheat

President, Haas Wheat & Partners & former Chairman of Playtex Products, Inc.

"Laura has a unique ability to manage highly stressful and changing situations within the business community as the chief liaison between the CEO office and the investment community... I was able to see her keep a cool, focused and professional demeanor, and always with sincerity."

Tom Schultz

Senior Vice President RD&E & Executive Committee Member, Energizer Holdings

"Laura brings a broad perspective to Investor Relations. She understands the marketing aspects relative to overall company brand development of Investor Relations/shareholder communications. Laura is bright and hard-working."

Katia Facchetti

Chief Marketing Officer/SVP & Executive Committee Member, Terex Corporation

“At Revlon, Laura...sought out many sources to develop her base of knowledge, continuously worked to improve the IR process and the investment community’s relationship with the company. Based upon my experience with Laura, I would rehire her. She would be a great asset to any organization.”

Larry Winoker

Chief Financial Officer, Lifetime Brands and former Treasurer and Controller of Revlon

“Laura was a pleasure to work with, very intelligent and always embraced a challenge. She made many important improvements in the long-range financial planning models. Also, she quickly mastered her role in pension asset management and International Treasury. She is a team player and works well with all levels of management. I would highly recommend Laura to any company."

Paul Nickl

VP & Assistant Treasurer, Revlon

"I highly recommend Laura Kiernan. During her time at Terex Corporation as Director, Investor Relations, Laura proved to be a bright, energetic, and results oriented leader and was a key and trusted advisor to the senior leadership team. Her excellent financial abilities, outstanding people skills, and broad investor relations network, combined with her relentless focus on enhancing shareholder value make her a valuable addition to any company."

Robert Isaman

President, Terex Construction & Executive Committee Member, Terex Corporation

"Laura... was one of the top IR people I worked with, extremely knowledgeable about the companies, and helpful in gathering information. I would highly recommend her any the IR role."

Bill Chappell

Managing Director, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey was a Sell-Side Equity Research Analyst at STRH when working with Laura at Playtex and FGX International

"Laura brings a fresh perspective and is tireless in her efforts to help accomplish our business goals through her network."

Jean Fufidio

Vice President US Marketing, Sun and Skin Care, Playtex Products, Inc.

"Laura is a stand-out IR professional given her strong quantitative background and communication expertise. Laura is adeptly skilled at dealing with Wall Street analysts and investors and in delivering good news and bad and is a true pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Kathleen Reed

Senior Vice President, Stanford Group Company was a Sell-Side Equity Research Analyst with Merrill Lynch and Stanford Group while covering Revlon & Playtex Products, Inc.

“Laura is an excellent IR professional. At Playtex, she took the time to really understand and keep informed on Playtex's businesses to best position the company to the investor community. Her strategic approach and effectiveness in building trusting relationships and strong networks drove powerful results."

Kathryn Bennett

Director of Marketing, Playtex Products, Inc.

"Laura has the best set of business skills I have ever encountered with an investor relations professional in my 12-year career at Bloomberg. Her wide range of financial expertise is incredible. She has setup successful investor relations programs at several major firms and is always representing them with the highest level of professionalism."

Wayne Pasternack

Bloomberg LP

"Laura is an outstanding IR professional and I found her to be knowledgeable, articulate, well organized and responsive to information inquires. Her finance background is a significant asset and I believe enhances her ability to help analysts better understand both the operational and financial aspects of a company."

Charley Brady

Director, Sr. Equity Analyst, BMO Capital Markets Sell-Side Equity Research Analyst covering Terex

"Laura was instrumental in raising the profile of Playtex with the investor community which significantly affected the net value of the organization."

Perry Beadon

Sr VP Global Sales & Executive Committee Member, Playtex Products, Inc.

"Laura is what I like to term a "global" IRO in that she looked at all the aspects of the company and how they fed into the financial status that she managed so well. Her analytical skills were acute and the CEO and CFO relied on her to have up-to-the-minute data on every aspect of the business."

Mona Walsh

Principal, Dilenschneider Group

“Laura is a true professional and well respected amongst the analyst community. I had the pleasure of working with her for 8 years spanning her time at both Revlon and Playtex. She is dedicated, responsive, articulate in communicating corporate strategies to the street, and very effective at building relationships across multiple constituents."

Lori Scherwin

Strategic Advisor and Consultant, former Sell-Side Equity Research Analyst from Goldman Sachs who covered Playtex Products and Revlon

"I recommend Laura, specifically for communications or investor relations positions. She quickly learned the industry, and the company's strategic value within the industry. She was easy to work with and always asked appropriate questions. She also is knowledgeable regarding SEC disclosure requirements. I would like to work with her again in the future."

Janet Evans

Director of Corporate Accounting and Finance, Terex worked

"Laura was well respected by many of our investors and board members. She is a good communicator, develops strong relationships and did a great job selling the company."

Gretchen Crist

Vice President, Human Resources & Executive Committee Member, Energizer Holdings

"As a Wall Street equity analyst, I have worked with many Investor Relations professionals over the years, and Laura was one of the best. Her knowledge of the company she was representing was strong, she responded very quickly to questions, she had the respect and cooperation of Playtex's CEO and CFO and she had solid financial knowledge and skills."

Linda Weiser

Senior Vice President, Oppenheimer & Co. was a Sell-Side Equity Research Analyst at Oppenheimer when covering Revlon and Playtex Products, Inc.

“Laura is the consummate IR professional. She is knowledgeable about the strategy, operations and performance of her business. And, she is passionate about delivering the highest level of responsiveness to her analyst/ investor clients … which is of course why she has been recognized by numerous third-party surveys (e.g. Institutional Investor, IR Magazine, etc.)”

Michael Weitz

SVP Financial Planning & Analysis, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)